Empire Burlesque, Philadelphia Burlesque and Hare.

Hello pumpkins. I am coming back down to planet earth after a whirlwind of adventure in burlesque and travel. The Whiskey Tango gals and I had a stellar weekend 2 weeks back hosting the best in the business. The festival at the Hangar was incredible. Filled with love, talent, spirit, beauty, joy...all the feels. Our fabulous headliners Lil Steph and Angie Pontani wowed us thoroughly. Sleepovers with Lil Steph and Calamity were too fun and I think we should make it a quarterly event! From Seneca Lake Vineyard strutting to dancing on rooftops in the sun in Fishtown, Philadelphia it has been an all around fun as hell spring. All the while my shop is coming along, slow and steady. I am awaiting my sink to arrive and the sheetrock is going up as I write this. I will stop rambling and just share the highlight photos. 

When your brother has a flat rooftop and spring has sprung in Fishtown, Philadelphia, naturally you dance on the roof. 

Dad meets Bev at Franky Bradleys for the Philadelphia Burlesque Show. 

From the right, Lil Steph, Calamity Chang & Chewie, The Dude, Angie Pontani and Danielle Saint Velvet. Kicked off the Empire Burlesque Festival weekend with a delish brunch cooked by "BEST BURLESQUE HUSBAND" Ben. 

Kitten and Lou held an incredible dance camp workshop at the Philadelphia Burlesque Academy. I had the best time clowing around and learning some of their infamous moves. 

My beautiful custom made sink by Marble in Flame Red, of course. Simply can not wait to wash your hairs! 

My dear, sweet friend Kimi has the most incredible eye for pretty much everything, but in particular, lighting. She scouted this 1950's chandelier in emerald city green and crystal for the shop. Her husband Andy has been amazing in helping us light the way in the Hare and Bristle Studio.