Hare and Bristle will be closed July 16th & 17th

Hi all!

Happy summer to you all! I hope that all of your rose pool float dreams are coming true. 

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We are happily booking throughout the summer months, but just wanted to give you all a heads up about our coming vacation days.

Hare and Bristle will be closed for the 4th of July.  We will reopen on Friday the 6th. 

Hare and Bristle will be closed Monday the 16th (per usual) and Tuesday the 17th for renovations. We will reopen for business on Wednesday the 18th for regular appointments. 

Danielle is opening her books from 1pm - 6pm on Thursday July 12th and 19th 

See you all soon! stay cool and enjoy the summer bliss - 


Hare and Bristle 

Hare and Bristle launches Wedding Style with Juju Beuaty!

A dream team match, a collision of beauty has been born with the pairing of Hare and Bristle and Juju Beauty. We are so excited to announce that we are now offering full service beauty for weddings and event styling. From eyelashes to airbrush makeup and polished hair, all of your big glamour needs are sure to be met. And the best part - we come to you. For bookings, please see our wedding style section. If you are a bride to be or know someone who is looking for the perfect "day of" beautification, look no further than Hare and Bristle and Juju Beauty. 

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Feeling the Holidaze

Classics to trends, nostalgic to futuristic, reinvention to restoration, vintage to modern and vice versa . . . that’s sooo Hare and Bristle.

December has been all that glitters is gold with a stunning new art show up by artist, Ben Marlan. The show is titled "Petite Nudes and 3 apples." The opening night was a cozy one to remember with 20 plus people packed inside my cozy studio. Don't be sad if you missed the naked ladies, they will be hanging around thru January. 


20171209_164950 (1).jpg

I have had beautiful droves of clients coming in with new inspirations daily, I am thankful for that! Smoky, opal, amber tint, vanilla blonde, pixie bob's, shaggy manes, chunky bangs and titanium knots are some of the treasures listed below.



Hare and Bristle will join First Friday, Ithaca's gallery walk, Dec 1st.

Hare and Bristle Salon will kick off it's artistic visuals on December 1st when we participate in Ithaca's Gallery Walk. We will join other local galleries on the commons with a show by painter, Ben Marlan. Oil paintings of petite nudes and fruit. Reception 5pm - 8pm December 1st, second floor of Petrune Vintage. Beverages will be served. 


It's September and we are feeling all sorts of nostalgia....

The back to school feels are floating in the air. Sweater weather, all things pumpkin and autumnal inspired hair are some of my favorite things. I have been busy in the salon painting my beached out blondes with tones of hazelnut and gold. Brunettes are getting gloss treatments in tigers eye and russet. Red haired vixens are about to have their moment in the sun, inspired by cinnamon and turning maple trees. 

Let's paint your hair. 

Call and make an appointment today. 

607 - 319 - 5089 




Summer and Vintage hair at Hare and Bristle

It has been one busy summer with weekend bridal parties and summer chops. Everyone is highlighting and cropping their locks just in time for this heat wave in upstate NY.  Below is a sampling of what I have been up to in the Hare and Bristle studio. #boutiquehairsalon 

Text or Call for your appointment (607) 379 - 8080

Accepting new clients


Hare and Bristle has opened!

I had so much fun styling in the window of Petrune Vintage this past Friday at the downtown Ithaca Fashion Night event. There were more people than I had hands for! If I missed you please come and see me soon! I am booking appointments now. Text or call - (607) - 379 - 8080 to schedule an appointment with me today. 

Empire Burlesque, Philadelphia Burlesque and Hare.

Hello pumpkins. I am coming back down to planet earth after a whirlwind of adventure in burlesque and travel. The Whiskey Tango gals and I had a stellar weekend 2 weeks back hosting the best in the business. The festival at the Hangar was incredible. Filled with love, talent, spirit, beauty, joy...all the feels. Our fabulous headliners Lil Steph and Angie Pontani wowed us thoroughly. Sleepovers with Lil Steph and Calamity were too fun and I think we should make it a quarterly event! From Seneca Lake Vineyard strutting to dancing on rooftops in the sun in Fishtown, Philadelphia it has been an all around fun as hell spring. All the while my shop is coming along, slow and steady. I am awaiting my sink to arrive and the sheetrock is going up as I write this. I will stop rambling and just share the highlight photos. 

When your brother has a flat rooftop and spring has sprung in Fishtown, Philadelphia, naturally you dance on the roof. 

Dad meets Bev at Franky Bradleys for the Philadelphia Burlesque Show. 

From the right, Lil Steph, Calamity Chang & Chewie, The Dude, Angie Pontani and Danielle Saint Velvet. Kicked off the Empire Burlesque Festival weekend with a delish brunch cooked by "BEST BURLESQUE HUSBAND" Ben. 

Kitten and Lou held an incredible dance camp workshop at the Philadelphia Burlesque Academy. I had the best time clowing around and learning some of their infamous moves. 

My beautiful custom made sink by Marble in Flame Red, of course. Simply can not wait to wash your hairs! 

My dear, sweet friend Kimi has the most incredible eye for pretty much everything, but in particular, lighting. She scouted this 1950's chandelier in emerald city green and crystal for the shop. Her husband Andy has been amazing in helping us light the way in the Hare and Bristle Studio.  

late night, home haircuts with Stephanie

I have been cutting, coloring and styling Stephanie's hair for close to a decade. Not only is she one of my biggest inspirations she is my partner in crime when it comes to hunting upstate NY antiques and vintage. We have shared many laughs, coffees and Sunday drives together. She is my number one gal, always ready to step up and help me vend my merchandise at my burlesque shows and be an amazing sounding board of honesty and reason. She is my bestie. Steph wears her hair short which shows off her killer profile and gorgeous long neck. Sometimes in-between salon visits she will color her hair at home. We took her red-brown, uniform box color and triple processed her with multiple tonings. It is pretty much impossible to go from dark brown to blonde in one night - but she was up for the many hours of work it takes to make it perfect. Foiled her, with balayage in between the foils. Rinsed. dried. Changed the direction and foiled her again and toned the highlighted hair in between with a level 7, slate blue, gray blonde. Rinshed. Aggressively cut her fringe. Dried and then toned again with 2 fashion colors. Styled with my marcel iron and brushed her curls. We decided to call it - punk rock princess Di. I have complete hair envy.